PhotoPaintings by Maurice

Dream Time © 2010Incoming © 2010Jungle Eyes © 2010Punji Stake © 2010Burning the Shit © 2010Dear John © 2010Ambush © 2010Flare ©2010Napalm © 2010Left Behind ©2010k.I.A © 201021st Birthday Party © 2010Coming Home © 2010Pulled in all Directions © 2010Flashback © 2010Anger Management  © 2010Cognitive Therapy © 2010Walled In © 2010Breaking down the Wall © 2010Nightmare 1 © 2010Nightmare 2 © 2010Nightmare 3 Spider Holes © 2010Mind Warp © 2010On the mend © 2010We remember © 2010Loving Hands © 2010Looking Forward © 2010
​PTSDreams is a series of surreal images that arose from my own experience with post-traumatic stress, related to my two years in Vietnam almost 50 years ago. I tried to give a sense of the nightmare visions that haunt combat veterans like me, from our first days in battle through the often difficult homecoming and the healing process that may only begin decades later. 

PTSDreams is dedicated to the soldiers who fought in wars all over the world and brought their battlefields home with them.